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UK Photo Show- Birmingham NEC

Hello all,

I recently got back from the Photography Exhibition in Birmingham UK yesterday (Sunday 19th March), I really enjoyed my time there (although I did miss a days shooting to go). There was plenty to do and see, and thoroughly enjoyed some of the speakers that were there. I bumped into many famous Photographers including Olympus principle photographer Damian McGillicuddy, Game of Thrones still photographer Helen Stills (I know- how cool!!) and also had the pleasure to hear Joe McNally from New York USA do his thing on the Nikon stage.

There were some inspirational pieces of work there at the show, some fantastic suppliers which I hope to bring news further on in the year. There were absolute thousands of people in attendance which was great to see so many like minded people all in one room, sharing the same passion and enthusiasm.

I even managed to purchase some old vintage props, which I will be looking forward to using in my newborn photography session with you beautiful people- and the best bit....they were a bargain!...

All in all, it was a fantastic day, really enjoyed the vibe of the whole show, so much gear which I really wanted to buy (Fiancé had to stop me) and I'm really looking forward to going to next years show and hopefully one day it will be me giving speeches and seminars to members of the public.....even my Fiancé enjoyed the Exhibition (which is a miracle)!! hehe

Thanks for reading, let me know if you were amongst those who went to the show and let me know your thoughts....

(P.s. Apologies for the picture quality- all taken from my phone)




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