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  • Where will the photoshoot take place?
    It depends on what kind of session you are going for, it could take place at my studio in Derby or at a local park that we can pick together. ​
  • When should I schedule my newborn photo session?
    The best time to photograph a newborn is in the first 14 days of life as this is the only time I can successfully achieve those sleepy, curled up poses that everyone loves.
  • How far in advance should I schedule my newborn photography session?
    I encourage booking your newborn photo session in advance if possible. Your due date will be placed on my calendar and I will be looking forward to hearing from you just as soon as the baby has arrived to set the exact date & time.
  • How long will the newborn session take?
    My typical newborn photography session take about 2-4 hours, depending how sensitive handling your little one is and how settled he/she is. Sessions with twins/siblings may run longer. I take into account time for soothing, feeding, changing precise posing.
  • How to prepare in advance for the newborn photoshoot?
    Please carefully read the newborn guide in which you can find information about your photoshoot, what food should be avoided and tips that can help the baby to relax.
  • What if the newborn baby won’t settle or not falling asleep?
    You don’t have to worry, I will do everything within my power to sooth the baby to sleep but if I won’t manage we can still find suitable alternatives together such as posing the baby awake or take life style shots.
  • Can I ask for a certain set up or pose?
    Absolutely YES! Feel free to go for it, I want you to be happy with the images that I will be taking. I do encourage communication in this perspective to avoid any disappointment.
  • Have a concern about sanitation?
    I wash all used props and blankets after each newborn session with non-scented detergent.
  • Shy?
    Don’t worry, nobody can understand that better than me. I will help you to relax throughout the photoshoot and make it an enjoyable experience.
  • What should I wear for my session?
    Just keep it simple, go for plain, warm colors that compliment each other and stay away from any clothing with large logo brands, pictures, words or strong colours and patterns. For families and group photography is important that you all match.
  • What happens after the photoshoot?
    Once we are all happy with the session, I will start editing the images and upload them on your online gallery for you to view and order from. It will normally take me 2 to 6 weeks depending on my workload, however you may receive your pictures sooner. After you place your order you can have your images immediately, if you ordered just the digital package or if you ordered any artwork/prints it will take another 1 to 4 weeks dependant on lead times.
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