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All newborn sessions are held at my home studio in Derby and are perfect for babies under 3 weeks of age. They are typically 2-4 hours long to ensure that there is plenty of time for feeding, soothing and changing your baby.
The session are relaxed, tailored to suit your taste and requirements, using props and outfits of your choice, all provided for you by the studio.
To ensure your newborn sessions take place within this limited period of time, please get in touch as soon possible after your 12 weeks scan.
All newborn packages are all inclusive and clear, there are no hidden fees and they include family and sibling shots. 
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A £65 deposit is required to book your session, and is deductible from your final order

Abstract Structure


5 high resolution digital images

Use of props and outfits

1 hr studio time

5 matching prints "5 x 7"

Individual editing of each photo

Online gallery to view and select your photos

Parents and siblings shots included


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10 high resolution digital images

Use of props and outfits

Up to 2 hr studio time

10 matching prints "5 x 7"

Individual editing of each photo

Online gallery to view and select your photos

Parents and siblings shots included


DSC_6959 copy.jpg


20 high resolution digital images

20 matching prints "8 x 6" 

Use of props and outfits

Up to 3 hr studio time

Individual editing of each photo

Online gallery to view and select your photos

Parents and siblings shots included

10% off your next session


DSC_0134 bw copy.jpg


30 high resolution digital images

30 matching prints "8 x 6" 

1 mounted print "12 x 16"

Use of props and outfits 

Up to 4 hrs studio time

Individual editing of each photo

Online gallery to view and select your photos

Parents and siblings shots included

            £25 credit towards wall art

             10% off your next session


Why choosing MHB Photography ?

I am a trained newborn photographer with over 7 years of experience and I photographed thousands of babies so far, so you can have the peace of mind that your baby is in safe hands. I pay a great importance to each customer and their needs, and I make sure they are happy throughout the whole process (if you don't take my word for it, you can read my excellent reviews on google).  The sessions are baby led, meaning that there will be no pressure whatsoever in achieving a certain pose if the baby doesn't like it.
Booking your newborn session
I recommend booking newborn sessions well in advance if possible to secure a spot especially in the busy months. The booking can be done online, you can simply choose a date that falls within 7-14 days after your due date.  It might sound crazy but it is the best time to photograph the little bundle of joys as they are still very sleepy, flexible and they can be moulded into pose easily

What if the baby comes earlier or later than planned ?

As a newborn photographer, I am well aware that babies can arrive earlier or later than planned. Don't worry, I got it covered. I usually leave plenty of room in my diary for these changes, so we can adjust the date of the session and you won't miss the 3 weeks window. All you have to do is to get in touch and let me know of these changes as much as you can in advance so I can plan my diary accordingly.

My baby is already here and I missed the 2-3 weeks window

Not to worry!If your baby has arrived already get in touch as soon as possible and I will try to accommodate you around my existing bookings. Although, the best time to photograph babies is 3 weeks, you don't have to worry if your baby is older than this as I photograph newborns up to 10 weeks of life, this shouldn't stop you having your treasured memories. You just have to be aware that the baby will be more alert and awake and less flexible to be positioned into certain poses so the style will be more natural and relaxed.

What to expect during the session?

I pay great importance to your baby’s safety and well being on the entire duration of the photoshoot by providing a warm and friendly environment, also allowing you to feed or change the baby as many times as necessary. Each session requires a lot of patience and handling, so relax, sit back and allow me work my magic. Sometimes, depending on the pose I will ask the parents to assist in order keep the baby safe whilst I take the shot. During the session pee, poo, spit can happen so don't worry or be embarrassed as it's absolutely natural. Babies will have fussy moments and that's just fine, I will try various soothing techniques as well as allowing time for the baby to settle down.

What if the baby will cry during the session or won't cooperate?

Don't worry, the reality is that babies do cry and that's no reason to worry or stopping you having beautiful memories of your new baby. As a photographer, I am trained to read babies cues, to settle and sooth an upset baby. If the baby doesn't like something, I move on to the next pose or wrap the baby as this gives the baby as similar feeling as if they were in mummy's tummy. In the very unlikely event that I didn't manage to take any photos during our session, you'll be invited to attend the session again on a different day.

Are siblings/ parent shots included ?

Yes! I do encourage getting all family involved however I would need to know in advance in order to plan the session accordingly. Generally we take these shots at the start of the session so when we are done with those the dads can take the older children to a walk or shopping (we have a park nearby and a footpath next doors) as they tend get bored. Feel free to bring in toys or ipad, something that can keep them happy and undisruptive during the session.

Due to space restriction, I can photograph no more than 5 members at a time (2 adults and 3 children including the baby). Unfortunately no pets are allowed.

How do I prepare for my newborn session ?

For the best results, I will send you a Preparation Guide prior to the session so you can read.


What to bring in?

It would be ideal to bring a dummy in for the session, even if you don’t plan to use one normally as it will help soothe the baby and achieve better quality photos, bottles of milk if the baby is bottle fed, changing mat and nappies. Remember to wear loose clothing as it will be very warm in the studio or bring a change of clothes.

What happens after the session?

After the session, in the same day I will upload the raw photos on a password protected gallery where you can pick your favourites. They will be individually edited (allow 2-4 weeks) and sent to you email address to be securely stored into your device. Back up is recommended to avoid loosing any photos.


Have you got any questions about Newborn Photography?

If you have....Get in touch and I will aim to respond as fast as I can.

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