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5 Things My Clients Say Before Their Newborn Baby Photography Session

If you’re considering booking baby photography session with me , I know you’ll have lots of concerns, hopes and questions. After working with many new parents, I can take a pretty good guess at what they are. Let’s talk about 5 things my clients say before their newborn baby photography session!

1.What if my baby is too unsettled?

This is the most common worry I have come across with new parents and it is completely understandable. In fact, this was a very real concern as we would associate unsettling with unsuccessful photoshoot. What if I couldn’t settle baby? What I leave home with no photos ? Well that won't happen, not under my watch. I always tell my clients that they have nothing to worry about, it is normal that the baby will have fussy moments but with patience I can make it work, and I have done for the past 7 years. I have held and settled so so many babies and I have gathered skills to help baby remain calm.I know all the ticks in the book and trust me they're a lot. I’ll also tell you that on a rare occasion, baby is having none of it. It’s very obvious if baby is having one of those days and I will usually find way around that too - I can find alternative positions that the baby likes, use a dummy and take the shot in between soothing moments, or extend the session until I find a good moment to take the shot I need. In the end, rest assured you won't leave my studio without the beautiful images you came in for.

2.The baby has acne/flakey skin/scratched themselves

It’s normal, it happens to everybody and it’s not a big deal. Maybe not all at once but to some degree, these little things happen to newborn babies. I will remove any non permanent marks during the fine edit. You won’t be able to tell. It won’t cost you more. Photoshop and I are good friends.

3.I really want to have a couple of family /sibling shots

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to take part in a newborn photoshoot. Then it comes mummy's worse concern 'But I just gave birth and feeling a bit worse for wear'. I hear you. Firstly, It’s ok for you to look like you just had a baby, because you have! Secondly, this might be the first time you have attempted your usual getting ready routine and you might quite enjoy it, so you can try it! Thirdly, I’m know my job and I will take photos that flatter. And finally, I guarantee that in a few years you won’t pay attention to how you looked like and you will be so pleased you have a photo of you with your most precious one that isn’t a selfie.

4.I want a certain pose

Ido like to avoid disappointment but also I am super patient and will keep trying to get you amazing poses!!

I do have a "how to prepare for your newborn session" document that all my Clients receive before their session, however with a newborn, as we all know, it doesn't always go to plan!

Your little one might be completely content being mostly naked while I pose him / her or might just not be having it!! No pose is guaranteed. When in doubt and after much patting and shushing and rocking... we always have one pose that they like -the wrapped pose (every baby loves this) .

4.I'm afraid that bay will poo/wee

Yes, that can happen a lot during a newborn session if the baby is undressed and guess what - it's absolutely normal. I wasH the blanks, outfits and props after every use and I do encourage you not to be put off by any of these if you want a certain pose. Generally, the nappy will stay on during the whole session apart from when we attempt to photograph the baby naked. And it works!

These are just 5 things my clients say before their newborn baby photography session. You may have a whole bunch of other questions or concerns. What you need to know is that I am always here and will always have time to send a message or a call and I can talk to you in more detail. I got you.

Ready to take that first step to capturing your perfect little human? Click here and message me, right now and tick it off the list.


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