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Cake Smash Photography

Cake smash Photography Cake Smash photoshoots are a wonderful way to celebrate and to record your baby's milestone of turning one . It's messy, fun and kids love it.

Your baby will love being covered in cake and that will make them smile and be naturally happy in front of the camera . As a bonus, you won't have to clean up after them.

It has been very busy lately at the studio and I'm happy to see an influx of cake smash bookings. I'm delighted and honoured to see that some babies who I photographed as newborns came back when turning one this year, and it’s been a real pleasure to have them back in the studio again for some messy play!

I’ve recently invested in some gorgeous new props for cake smashes too. You can see some of my new floral backdrops in my recent cake smash photos however the most popular prop is the Gadsby Crawfoot Bath that came all the way from Australia, perfect size for a one year old covered in cake! Check it out!

Would you like to know what happens during a Cake Smash photoshoot ?

A Cake Smash photoshoot lasts approximately one hour, allowing time for the baby to become comfortable in the surroundings of my studio and being in front of the camera. Like in any photoshoot, patience is key. We start by taking some casual portraits of the baby dressed in outfits that you brought from home or outfits from the studio and then, the messy part of the photoshoot begins.

The cake smash sessions are fully themed to your unique requirements and involve getting the baby dressed into a cute outfit (you can bring your own if you wish however I have lots of options for you to choose from) and then we get to the funniest part - the delicious cake to be smashed. The cake is outsourced from a local cake maker and it's carefully baked using natural ingredients. If the baby has allergies or intolerances, I always recommend bringing your own or discuss it with me in advance.

At this stage, we have loads of potential scenarios, from babies digging straight in and taking a bite from that cake, babies being a bit shy but the end they all have those adorable expressions that each parent will treasure. They will be encouraged to dig in and get as messy as possible and guess what....we do ! Including mummy :)

Kids are set against a coloured backdrop, with balloons and accessories. We have so much variety and so much possibility to combine colours! Jungle theme, princess theme, flowers, you name it... Oh and if that cake hasn't been completely demolished, you can take it home and enjoy it with all your family!

Splash shots

If smashing the cake is the babies favourite part, undoubtedly the splash part is mummy's favourite as she gets to take home a clean baby. In this part, the baby is placed into the sitter sized bathtub and whilst we clean the cake off them, we capture those natural smiles and giggles, including in your gallery even more variety.

Capturing the key milestones in your baby’s early years with photography is a wonderful way of recording these wonderful happy moments.

Find out more information about Cake Smash at MHB Photography here.

You can also view my Cake Smash gallery .

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mihaela x


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