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How old should babies be for their photoshoot

Has your baby arrived already or they are past their early newborn stage and might be considering a photoshoot?

This is what you should know about booking a photoshoot with MHB Photography.

All newborn photographers recommend booking a Newborn Photoshoot whilst the baby is very small, 7-14 days old to be more specific. Why? Simply because they are sleepier and more flexible than older newborns and they can be posed. Everyone loves sleeping shots and why wouldn't they.

But what happens if you missed that early newborn photoshoot from various reasons and your baby is now older than this? I'm here to tell you that you can have your photoshoot anytime!

You can still have a photoshoot if your baby is older than 14 days

Perhaps you didn't realise that newborn photoshoots are usually done when the baby is only days old, or you are still recovering after giving birth or you simply didn't find a newborn photographer yet. Don't Worry, there is still time to capture sleepy shots even if your baby is now few weeks old.

In this photo, baby Miruna is 14 weeks old. It was straight after the quarantine, in April when all the photography studios were shut and of course, the parents missed their newborn baby's photoshoot. I was happy to book them in and explain what will happen during an 'older' newborn' session .

Babies can be photographed at any age

Miruna was older than most newborns I photographed before therefore I prepared the parents what to expect, she was more alert, much bigger and more sensitive to handle than younger newborns. With all these, she had moments when she was fast asleep so the parents were delighted to have both asleep and awake shots for their baby's gallery.

It was a wonderful , yet very challenging experience for me as a photographer as I had to position her a little differently to smaller newborns who can be easily curled up and moulded into poses . I went for relaxed and natural poses and as you can see, that went great. We had so much fun with all the smiles, giggles and pouty lips.

Experienced newborn photographer

Photographing babies at any age comes down to the experience I believe, some photoshoots are more challenging than others and I'm proud to say that in my six years of experience, I have met or exceeded many expectations. I am focusing on the end result and my main goal is to provide the lovely families that trust my knowledge and experience with gorgeous baby photographs.

Older newborn photoshoots are challenging and yet extremely fun!

Photography for any age children

I am thrilled to show you some gorgeous portraits of baby Miruna, I am extremely pleased with the end results and most importantly, so are her parents!

They went for the largest MHB Photography package, Exclusive which includes 30 digital images and 4 sets of props. The parents were worried that with their baby being so old, we won't manage to capture a variety of poses and I was so pleased to show them the opposite.

Baby Miruna looked just gorgeous in any colour and props we used during her newborn session. Pink, lilac, white, vintage green, there was no outfit that she didn't shine in.

I am proud to be able to offer my services to clients whatever the age of their baby.

Book your photoshoot with MHB Photography

Older newborn photoshoots are challenging and yet extremely fun. Take a look at my Newborn Gallery here to see a selection of portraits that I took of various age newborn babies. I welcome you to send me any enquiries you might have and walk your through the booking process .

I am based in Derby and I have customers travelling from all over Nottingham, Chesterfield, Burton on Trent or other neighbouring areas to have their photoshoot with me. So, if you haven't found a photographer yet and your baby is more than few weeks old, don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I will try my best to accommodate your booking.

Email me at or compete the contact form on my website.


Mihaela x


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