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How to Book a Photoshoot?

We get alot of questions and one of the questions that often gets said from our lovely customers, how do I book a photoshoot?? It's honestly very simply, once you have your date in mind- click on the 'BOOK' tab on the top of our website, and this will take you to the below link.

Once you are on the page- select which package you would like to book as per below- by clicking on 'Book Now'

Once you have clicked this, a calendar will appear, select the date you would like to book and time (if there is no date available on your selected date, then if you click on 'check next available date' this will provide the closest available date and time. Once you follow steps, then it will take you to a secure page to enable you to pay your deposit.

Hope this helps, again if you do get stuck or have a problem- you can always contact me below and I will be happy to help you.

Have a great weekend


MHB Photography


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