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Is Newborn Photography worth it ?

Should you go for a newborn photo session? There is a lot of controversy nowadays around professional photoshoots and although everyone has access to a decent camera through their smartphone, the reality is that there isn't even a comparison. The photos taken at a professional photoshoot will be different from the ones you take yourself.

Find out why

Everyone owns the new iPhone these days with a powerful camera and almost every second person aspires to be a professional photographer, so why bother? In reality capturing beautiful perfect images of your newborn baby that everyone loves takes skills and experience. Those curly sleepy images don’t just happen, hundreds of hours have gone into perfecting the art of Newborn Photography and trust me when I say, it's more to it than you think.

Why having your newborn baby photographed in the first place anyway ?The most important reason is the memories, you will have a hard time remembering how tiny they were or how they fit perfectly in your hand, the times flies and they won't be babies anymore so why not having some great memories

Newborn photographers will use the best equipment

A decent camera with a good lens costs nowadays between £3k-£6k, then you add the lighting and a decent background, which is minimal and here comes a total of 10k. Why do you need all these ? Because the quality of the equipment will make the difference. If you think that your iphone will replace that, then good luck!


Working with newborn babies requires handling, and the first word that comes to mind is Safety! A good newborn photographer not only ensures you have beautiful images, but more importantly it assures the safety of your new baby. It really is a case of “do not try this at home folks!” You won't be able to position a baby like you see in those professional baby photos, that comes with training and experience and it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.


A good photo doesn't just happen! Behind it, there is a patient photographer that knows how to position the baby to look flattering in the photo, but more importantly places the baby in a safe and comfortable position. Sometimes it takes hours because the baby fusses, cries , moves therefore the technique and experience will achieve what you see in that final image.

I'm sure that you tried to imitate a professional newborn photo at least once but it doesn't quite look the same, does it ?

Use of props

A prop used in a newborn photo shoot can be everything for those who like styled newborn photo shoots . They can make a photo stand out . Even if you prefer the simple look, with no props that blanket or wrap can make a difference . At MHB Photography, I have a variety of props to suit any taste and requirements.

So to answer the question, is the newborn photography worth it ? The answer is HELL yeah!

If you wish to book your newborn photoshoot today, don't hesitate to do it via the BOOK button.

Looking forward to meeting you all xx


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