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What happens during a Newborn Photoshoot

Before the session

After you reserve your due date by booking your newborn photoshoot, you are in my calendar! It's best to book your newborn photography session in advance, to ensure availability as there is a limited number of newborn photoshoots that I take per month. To book your session, you can simply pick a date within the first 2 weeks after your due date, and this is when your photoshoot is scheduled for. You don't have to worry about the baby coming earlier or late than your due date because I leave room in my calendar for changes, so the photoshoot can be pulled forward or pushed back if necessary.

The baby is getting closer to arrive

It is best to make contact when your baby is born! I understand it is a very busy time. If you are unable to get to a phone or computer to contact me, please have a family member do so. I'm sure they will be thrilled to share the news. When you contact me to let me know the baby has arrived, I will give you a firm appointment date. It is best to have your baby's session within the first two weeks.

A Newborn Photoshoot starts with planning the session

About a week before your due date, I will send you a form to fill in with some basic information, such as the baby's name, attendance to the session, etc and a client guide containing detailed information about your session, what to expect and how to prepare.

On the photoshoot day

Newborn sessions can take 2-4 hours, so please plan accordingly. You may want to pack yourself a lunch and snacks. Enjoy the 'free' time to rest...I will not be offended if you just sit back and relax! Some poses require assistance from mum or dad as a spotter. Baby safety is always number one in my studio, I will let you know when help is needed.

Other things to bring include a dummy (even if your baby doesn't use one yet , wet wipes and nappies, spare bottles and bottles of milk). (Babies eat MUCH more than they normally would at a session. It is completely normal.) While nude photos are adorable and capture the essence of your newborn, nudity is not mandatory.

Once you arrive at my home studio in Derby (I will welcome you with the kettle on)ready to take some memorable shots of your newly born baby.

The studio is kept at approximately 24 degrees, I recommend dressing in layers so you can take some off if you get too warm.

During the session

I take a variety of photographs of your baby, using the colours, props and outfits of your choice. I have everything needed for your newborn session: hats, bonnets, head bands, fluffy outfits, fancy wraps and props. If there is a sentimental item you would like included, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan a setup around the item.

Babies will be positioned to be photographed during their newborn session, they will be moved about, dressed and undressed, however we will take a break every time the baby needs feeding, changing or cuddling.

Babies pee and poo on everything...including me. Lol. It is to be expected...and often makes for a good laugh. It does not bother me, everything gets washed after a session.

Babies cry- it’s their way of communicating. If your baby fusses it could mean a number of things. I have experience that helps me know if they are hungry, uncomfortable or just not happy to be moved whilst sleeping. I like to work as a team with the parents to keep baby happy and safe

After the photoshoot, you will select your favourite photos

I like to involve my clients in the selection process, so after your Newborn Photoshoot, usually in the same day , you'll receive a link containing the unedited gallery and instruction to pick your favourites up. You will have the chance to select your favourite newborn photos or family and siblings shots if you had any.

After selection process , I will edit the photos and deliver them to you within 1-4 weeks time.

Delivery day and wall art ordering

This is when you will receive your photos in digital format , in high resolution. I recommend to store them safely into your computer, to ensure back up so your photos are not lost .

My newborn photography prices can be viewed on my website and packages start at just £125.

Contact MHB Photography here


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